Wednesday 23 September 2015

BNYL 2015 - What will MainManager do for you?

Once your IFC is imported into MainManager, we'll create the assets and locations giving you a 3D view of your facility.  This is where the power of BIM comes to the fore.  The 3D images are great, we all like to 'fly' around the building and look at things but, the quality of data provided by the BIM model is unequaled in traditional FM terms.  From the model we can now:

  • Schedule planned work.
  • Assign contractors and trades in advance so we can project labour requirements.
  • Create checklists allowing us to meet best practice by utilising standards such as SFG20, NRM etc.
  • Attach documents, plans or drawings to works and attach the records to objects in the model.
  • Create reactive tasks against objects in the model well in advance of the operate and maintain phase.  Imagine carrying out visual clash detection, creating issues and work orders during construction and making snagging a part of the solution rather than a problem at the end of a project.
  • View the asset records from the objects in the model including documents, drawings, O&M manuals and work history records.  In fact, you can now access any information you need directly from the 3D representation.
  • Link to  BMS, Finance and other applications.
In short, your CAFM system becomes the brain of the building, fully integrated with all systems rather than being a piece of software you buy to do some maintenance tasks.  Think about it, can you afford not to do this on your next BIM project?

Tuesday 22 September 2015

BNYL Site import and test mark up tool

This is the site we are working on, Hudson Yard, New York City.  Some really exciting ideas coming from the design teams! We can't wait to see how it shapes up.

To kill a bit of time, I thought I'd check the mark up tool.

Actually, I wish I was there!  Maybe next week....

This is just an example of the mark up tool.  Nothing to do with the BNYL project but, we believe MainManager can be utilised throughout the BIM process to aid design and construction teams by providing an easily accessible visual collaboration tool which can be used to register incidents such as clashes, snagging, H&S concerns etc.

BNYL Test import of a plantroom

Well, things are moving fast, the design teams are all busy bringing the OneWYG project out of the ground.

Whilst we're waiting, we imported an example plant room and all seems well.  We're just waiting for the first structural and MEP models to find their way to us.

Excitement is building! #Facman #BIM #BIM4FM

Monday 21 September 2015

FM180 to provide FM solutions for BNYL 2015

FM180 to provide FM solutions for BNYL 2015

WYG are taking part in Build New York Live 2015 and have selected FM180 to provide the Facilities Management solution for the project.  We are obviously very excited and looking forward to the challenge!

To follow our progress and the competition, live, keep an eye on our blog, Linked in and Twitter accounts.

+FM180 @FM180steve @wyggroup #MainManager #FM180 #BNYL #OneWYG

To read more, go to WYG takes on BNYL