Thursday 4 August 2016

Changes at FM180

As FM180 continues to develop its Facilities Management consultancy, particularly in the area of BIM4FM and CAFM selection, procurement, implementation and advice it has appointed two new Directors.

Steve Owen is appointed as Managing Director and will continue to focus the efforts of the business in the emerging field of BIM4FM.  Working closely with the development teams of FM software providers, Steve aims to bring FM firmly into the world of BIM.

 “The benefits that BIM can bring to our built environment should not be underestimated however; in order to maximise these benefits, all stakeholders must be involved”.

"CAFM relies on good quality data to provide accurate and timely Management Information.  Historically, this has been a weak area in many FM operations.  BIM has the capability to change this beyond all recognition but, we must get FM on the 'BIM Train' to make this a reality".

Steve regularly speaks at BIM and FM industry events about the need for collaboration across the design, construction and operate/maintain disciplines.

Charles van Berckel is appointed as Business Development Director bringing with him a wealth of sales, marketing and operations expertise.  With over 20 years’ experience in sales and operations management, Charles will be focussing on raising the brand awareness across the FM180 portfolio as well as heading up an active and focussed sales team.

Charles has been speaking to organisations about the advent of BIM in the FM environment for the past two years and has been a key driver of the BIM agenda within FM180.

"We wouldn't dream of spending a few thousand pounds on a vehicle with no discernible history yet, we commonly see clients who own multi million pound assets who have no idea about the history and condition of their building and the assets within it".

"BIM gives FM the opportunity to redress this imbalance and allows us to obtain the richest, most accurate information about our built environment than ever before".

In addition to the new appointments, FM180 are proud to announce that they are now included on the G-Cloud framework and, as such, are able to provide SAAS solutions to the public sector.  This means that public sector organisations can buy services from FM180 without needing to run a full tender or competition procurement process. 

 Contact us for more details.

Whether public or private sector, if you are looking for help on an upcoming BIM project in respect of any aspect of FM delivery, including CAFM selection, procurement and implementation, call us for a no obligation discussion.

Registered with the Crown Commercial Services and now available from the Digital Marketplace, the future of CAFM in the BIM environment.

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