Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Software Spotlight - Fissara

Fissara is one of the new generation of workforce management applications.  Cloud hosted and subscription based, it allows for organisations of all sizes to access a scalable, mobile platform to manage engineers in the field without the large outlay associated with more traditional CAFM systems.

It has a clean, clear interface at both the office and mobile end, it is intuitive to use and extremely flexible.

If you deliver work to clients but, don’t have the burden of owning buildings or assets, Fissara is the perfect solution.

The system allows you to create your own workflows and forms, allows for scheduling and work allocation using modern time and location based solution i.e. you can select the engineer closest to or who will arrive soonest to a given job.

Fissara integrates easily with other available functions we have become so used to on our smartphones such as:

·         SatNav – It will take you straight to the job using google navigation. It also allows you to capture travel time, route and arrival via the satnav functionality

·         Barcode and QR code scanning – verify and record asset, location and conditions based on the label attached to a location or asset

·         Photo capture and annotation – take images and sketch or write information on them before saving

·         Capture signatures – For either job sign off, customer satisfaction or other authorisation.

The app is available for iOS or Android meaning you can use any device to provide your workforce with your preferred solution.  It is also possible to operate under a BYOD policy if your engineers/contractors have a mix of devices.

I love the fact that I can see my engineers and available work and link them together quickly and easily.

As an engineer, I love the fact that I can see my work calendar on my phone, receive a job, click start travel and have the app take me directly to the door.  Great for one visit businesses such as HVAC servicing/repair, domestic appliance servicing, locksmiths etc.

I also like the fact that back in the office, I can see in real time what is going on with my workload regardless of geographic dispersion of the work and engineers.

On the downside, reporting is quite rudimentary (at the moment) although you can pay for further development.  I see this as a fantastic tool for the small business but, feel the individual licence is a bit expensive for companies with less than 10 engineers.  I fully understand that there is an accepted average price in the industry but, this is still out of reach for small independants (but then, so are most traditional CAFM systems).

Clearly, Fissara is a work delivery tool and it does this very well.  What it isn’t yet is a fully featured CAFM system although, development never stops.  The guys at Fissara tell me that it’s very easy to integrate with other systems although we haven’t tried this yet.

 If you have an exisiting CAFM application that either isn’t mobile enabled or, doesn’t do mobile as well as Fissara, you might consider investigating it as a ‘bolt on’.  I can name a number of CAFM products that have a mobile app.  I can’t name any that have the functionality and flexibility of Fissara.

New features include project planning tools and asset management making Fissara more 'employable' in the general FM sector and for PM delivery.

Well worth a look.  If we didn’t think this was a ‘best in class’ example, it wouldn’t appear on our site as a preferred solution.

So, who do we think Fissara would suit?

You could argue, anyone but, being practical I would say this is an application that suits organisations delivering a service to their clients and clients who have an obligation to maintain their responsibilities under lease arrangements such as:

·         Retail/Commercial unit occupiers – Who have a large geographic spread covered by a mobile workforce
·         Industrial/Manufacturing – who already have a control system in place but need to improve work allocation
·         Infrastructure – Organisations who maintain power or other utilities in remote, dispersed locations, Linear asset owners etc
·         Specialist contractors – HVAC, Water Treatment, Security, Cleaning, Communications
·         Small single service suppliers – locksmiths/access control, carpenters, electricians, fire safety etc

For more information please contact or call us on 0330 6600 180.


  1. Oh, wow! My acquaintance works in a locksmith company and always complaining that they have a little mess with scheduling and all that stuff. I will surely tell him about the app!

  2. Hi! Could you tell me how to setup and configure this software on my tablet? I'm not very good at all sorts of programs and apps, but I would like to try a little upgrade all the processes in the company

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