Tuesday 18 November 2014

BIM for CAFM update

A brief update on our BIM offering within MainManager. We are still looking for partners to get involved with our case study implementations. Do you have a BIM project coming up or just about to break ground? If so, give us a call to see how MainManager can help.

Here's a short video of where we are at present.  As you will see, we are able to allow clients to interact directly through the model.

There's still plenty of development going on but, we think that feedback from potential users would be extremely valuable.  How would you like to get involved?  What do you need a viewer to do for your FM team?

Mobile Workforce - CAFM vs Service Management apps

If you are an established FM and already have an expensive CAFM system in place, you are unlikely to look for a mobile option if your provider doesn't already have a solution.  However; there are an increasing number of quality app developers who (given the right permissions) will be able to link to your back end database and provide you with a mobile option.

Here at FM180 we are pragmatic about this.  We have a mobile solution for our core application, MainManager which we believe is second to none.  Unfortunately, if you have a system from another CAFM software house, you can't use that solution.  We do however; have partners who could provide a solution.  If this is of interest, give us a call and we can work with you to find the solution that best fits your needs.