Tuesday 19 May 2015

Reykjavík (the capital city of Iceland) chooses MainManager

Reykjavík has chosen MainManager to manage and maintain all of the cities 320 playgrounds (kindergartens, schools and open areas).

MainManager will be used to manage all check items and incidents which come up during :
  • The statutory inspections of playground equipment
  • Daily operations
  • Ad hoc inspections
The implementation is under way and it is already possible to conduct inspections on 2 playgrounds
How can MainManager be used in the monitoring and inspecting of playgrounds :
  • All of the playgrounds information can be registered and maintained through MainManager.
  • It offers a comprehensive and user-friendly supervision of check items and incidents.
  • Custom made checklists are created for each playground, playground equipment and ground.
  • All statutory inspections are linked to a task in the planning module. When the start date of the inspection is close, MainManager automatically sends the checklist for the given playground to a previously chosen recipient.
  • The inspection takes place on site. Incidents or check itmes are logged on a smartphone or a tablet through MainManager’s app.
  • When incidents or check items have been created they can be prioritized instantly and sent immediately to the city‘s employee or a contractor.
  • Statistics and reports can be taken out to analyze each playgrounds status and for comparison.
  • Tasks can be managed from start to finish.
This way the playgrounds maintenance history is logged and the follow-up of the check items and incidents is ensured.

Reykjavík and MainManager.

Reykjavík has been using MainManager for many years for the operation and maintainance of all of it‘s buildings, roads and flowerbeds. In addition Reykjavík Service Centre has used MainManager to register and manage all incoming incidents from it‘s citizens.
Reykjavík‘s employees therefore have a vast experience in the useage of MainManager. They know what the system is capable of and wish to use it to ensure the safety of the cities youngest residents.


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